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Kamloops Public Transit...

Is just... plain... terrible!

Don't believe me? Plan a trip from your home to your workplace (or school), or Costco, or anywhere else you travel to semi-frequently. If you're LUCKY, the time it takes for you take a bus is only double the time it would have taken you to drive.

Even if you are one of the lucky ones, you probably still don't take a bus because the service intervals are horrific!

What can be done?

1. Public transport must be FREE for all Kamloops residents!

2. We must improve transit coverage and route options (more bus routes)!

3. We must improve service intervals to no more than 20 minutes - ALL day, EVERY day! And in the future, service intervals should be decreased to no more than 10 minutes - ALL day, EVERY day!

4. We need dedicated bike lanes!


How much will it cost?

$4.3M was generated from fares in Kamloops (the numbers are from 2019 but they're comparable). Furthermore, the City recorded a $23M budget surplus in 2021 (page 6). Making transit FREE in Kamloops could be accomplished without raising taxes!

There would, however, be substantial one-time costs associated with purchasing more buses (in order to add more bus routes) and hiring bus drivers.

Public transportation doesn’t need to be free. It just needs to be cheaper and more convenient than driving a car.

Free is the goal (for Kamloops residents) - reducing fares to some small amount, say $1/day, would also be a victory.

Donate to Kamloops Food Bank