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Climate & Transit Action Plan

My climate plan is on the idea that we need to "Think Global, Act Local."

And my vision for Kamloops public transportation is best summarized with the quote:

"A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It's where the rich use public transportation."

That's why I've chosen to adopt a climate action plan by:

  1. Fixing Kamloops Public Transit. Public transit is for everyone (rich or poor)!

  2. Making Kamloops a bike friendly city.

  3. Heavily promoting transit oriented development and infill housing.

  4. Requiring all new (or significantly renovated) buildings to have geothermal or solar heating (or heat pumps). This requirement would be (temporarily) relaxed in order to increase affordability (in residential buildings).

  5. Allow conversion of unused City land (including playgrounds) to Community Gardens and require the City to (where practicable):

    • Use mulch to reduce water loss.
    • Water at night to reduce water loss due to evaporation.
    • Plants native vegetation.


What does TOD and infill housing have to do with climate action?

Building cities outwards (instead of upwards) is more expensive because more people are forced to drive instead of taking public transit (or biking). Furthermore, adding public transit to suburbs is more expensive than servicing denser parts of the City.

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