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Who will be paying for all of these goals?

Improving public transit:

$4.3M was generated from fares in Kamloops (the numbers are from 2019 but they're comparable). Furthermore, the City recorded a $23M budget surplus in 2021 (page 6). Making transit FREE in Kamloops could be accomplished without raising taxes!

There would, however, be substantial one-time capital costs associated with purchasing more buses (in order to add more bus routes) and hiring bus drivers.

Hopefully the Province would contribute, however we must accept the possibility that the City will be exclusively responsible for the costs.

Meals program:

It would first be funded on a voluntary basis. That is, parents who can afford it would pay (on a strictly voluntary basis) for the cost of their own children's meals while those who can't afford it would pay what they are able.

All remaining costs would be covered by the City (or, hopefully, the Province and/or Federal Government).

Affordable post-secondary education:

The primary benefactors of an educated workforce should pay their fair share - medium and large sized employers - either through increased business taxes and fees. "Fair share" does not mean "exclusively responsible for."

The Kamloops Housing Company:

The Kamloops Housing Company (KHC) would initially be unprofitable (like most businesses when they start) but would eventually become revenue neutral (it would be a not-for-profit). It would ultimately be funded by the City.

If housing is affordable for all then everyone benefits by having more to spend elsewhere and less homelessness.

Are all of your goals realistic (attainable)?

No! But I will work hard to make them happen, and even if only 50% of my stated policy goals take effect then that would be a success (in my opinion). These are all policies that I will support - not promises!

What do you promise?

I promise:

1) I will NOT put up signs or election related advertisements.

2) I will not request (nor accept) donations.

Donate to Kamloops Food Bank