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Ever since we bought a house (on the North Shore) in 2015 there has been a steady increase in crime and homelessness. The problem is complex but the solution is simple: Whether it's family problems, financial challenges, mental health or substance abuse, the solution is housing first!

What is housing first?

It's the only (effective) solution to address homelessness that is known to work! And, incidentally, it's the only issue Council can effectively address. It's based on the idea that, regardless of the reason someone is homeless, they must be housed first. It is easier to treat an illness with a roof over their head. Furthermore:

There can be NO conditions attached to receiving housing.

This shouldn't be surprising! When someone is hungry we feed them, when someone is thirsty we give them something to drink! What we DON'T do is sit around and debate why someone is hungry. We feed them and THEN we find out why they're hungry and figure out how to prevent it.

Likewise, when someone is homeless, we house them - FIRST. Then we attempt to address their issues.

My vision:

1) For those who are homeless, implement housing FIRST.

2) For those who aren't homeless but might be in danger of it, create the Kamloops Housing Company!

3) Work to expand or create facilities for those who need need additional supports (such as those with mental health or substance abuse problems).

4) Stop ghettofying the North Shore and Downtown! If we want to revitalize "The Shore" we need to stop concentrating poverty!

When City Council wants to build a new shelter, mental health or substance treatment center, the question should not be where on "The Shore" or where in Downtown it should be built. Rather, the question should be where can we build so as to minimize the impacts to local businesses and residents.

Donate to Kamloops Food Bank