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Everyone Needs a Home

Renting or owning in Kamloops is unaffordable and something needs to be done.

I'm open to any good ideas, but here are my thoughts:

  1. Create a Kamloops Housing Company (or fund non-profits), whose purpose is to build, buy, and maintain affordable housing for Kamloops residents.
    Corporations do not care about affordability since they're primarily concerned with making money! In fact, tenants with corporate landlords tend to face poorer living conditions with repairs taking longer, shabby furnishing, and old outdated appliances. And good luck getting the security deposit back!
    In addition, the City needs to out-compete corporate slumlords and provide affordable (livable) housing for all! Calgary and Tofino have city/district owned housing companies which do something similar.
    Waiting for the provincial or federal government to take effective action isn't working.
  2. Heavily promoting transit oriented development and infill housing.
  3. Reducing bureaucracy by allowing the creation of preapproved housing plans.
  4. Reducing bureaucracy by allowing automatic housing approvals if predefined criteria are met, for example, by:
  •  Setting aside at least 25% of units for affordable housing.
  •  Being built according to LEED certification standards.
  •  Being geothermally heated with supplemental solar power.
  •  Being properly zoned.


How might a Kamloops Housing Company be structured?

City owned (or City funded) and not-for-profit.

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