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  1. As a passionate open source advocate I want to switch the City of Kamloops IT infrastructure to Linux! This is not only a cost savings measure but also a privacy measure.

  2. (Local) Consumer Protections, including:

    • Requiring businesses to display the full cost of goods and services (including taxes, deposits, and fees).
    • Requiring businesses to comply with the Scanning Code of Practice. Many businesses including Costco, Superstore, Canadian Tire, etc. already comply. Why not make it a condition of doing business in Kamloops?
  3. Reducing bureaucracy by eliminating the permit system (in certain circumstances) and instead employing a notification system. This means that when certain projects or renovations are performed permits are not required if:

    • The city is notified and work may begin immediately provided:
    • Applicable codes/laws are followed; and
    • The project/renovation is well-documented.
  4. Empowering City employees by giving bonuses to employees who submit ideas that save money. For example, if any employee submits a unique idea that saves the City $500K on an annual basis (and without cutting services) then that employee would be eligible for a (one-time) bonus of at least 20% of the annual savings!

  5. Fix our playgrounds by making them fun.

  6. Preventing bike theft.

  7. Preventing catalytic converter theft.


Which circumstances that currently require permit authorization do you believe could be streamlined to notification only?

I would argue, most renovations (even major ones).

For example, if you wanted to add plumbing to a basement without plumbing.

The process might work like this, for example:

  1. Notify the City.
  2. The City would provide the homeowner/contractor with information about the relevant codes/laws/bylaws. The City might also require the homeowner/contractor to not re-bury the plumbing until an inspector performs a check.
  3. Start work.
  4. Submit documentation (pictures, receipts, plans, etc) for review.

It would then be incumbent upon the City to check on the work. The City would still have the power to stop work or require remediation.

LEED certification adds costs to construction of housing and so does geothermal heating so those may be counter-intuitive to your affordability goals.

Not necessarily, with economies of scale costs tend to fall as a practice becomes more common (for example, solar solar panels and computers). We're not building one LEED certified building nor one geothermally heated building we're building many!

BUT, in order to build affordable housing in the short-term, requirements will need to be relaxed.

Donate to Kamloops Food Bank