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Children Should Not Be Hungry

Especially when they're trying to learn!

Central Okanagan public schools distribute almost 7,500 meals per week to students across the district and there is a successful program run out of Sk'elep elementary school here in Kamloops. In addition, California recently passed a law offering free school lunches for all students.

We need to do the same in Kamloops, so I will work to establish a FREE city-wide, year-round (poverty doesn't take the summer off!) breakfast and lunch program.


How would this program be funded?

It would first be funded on a voluntary basis. That is, parents who can afford it would pay (on a strictly voluntary basis) for the cost of their own children's meals while those who can't afford it would pay what they are able.

All remaining costs would be covered by the City (or, hopefully, the Province and/or Federal Government).

This is Provincial or Federal Government jurisdiction, why should we pay?

While I believe the Provincial and Federal Governments should be responsible, waiting for them do anything is an excuse not to do anything.

This is absolute demagoguery (exact wording of the question), we have to identify how large of a problem it is and what would be an appropriate response.

As stated above, Central Okanagan public schools distribute almost 7,500 meals per week to students across the district.

Is child poverty less prevalent than in Kelowna? Sometimes the "evidence" is right in front of us, we just have to seek it out.

Should we ask parents to fill out a form (assuming they're willing) with proof of income (increasing bureaucracy), submit that form to someone to review and approve (again, increasing bureaucracy) and then repeat the process every year?

OR, we can simply (and non-bureaucratically) provide every child with a meal! If parents don't want school provided lunches then they can send their kids to school with their own lunch.

Any government program is inefficient and likely ineffective, so using tax dollars is repugnant.

How good is the private sector at providing free breakfast and lunch to kids?

Is this an attainable goal?

Not necessarily, but I will work to make it happen. This is a policy that I will support and advocate for - it is not a promise!

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